Spring Speckled Jumpsuit

Hey y’all! Hope you have had a lovely weekend! Mine has been so relaxing. I spent yesterday with the fam listening to sermons, looking at flowers in town, and eating a delicious chocolate cake my sister made! Today we were gardening all morning (or what was left of it since I got up at 11 haha) in the glorious sunshine and took photos in the afternoon! Facetimed some sweet of friends this evening and got all caught up! It was the SWEETEST day!

SO excited about todays post – this jumpsuit is the cutest! I ordered at the beginning of April and finally got it the other day! Even cuter in person than online.

I love literally everything about this! I think the best part is the pattern – not quite polka-dots, so I call them speckles:)

Also, I’ve NEVER worn a jumpsuit before – kinda crazy! Now I am totally in love, I will definitely be adding some more to my wardrobe! Another part I love about this jumpsuit is the yellow/rust color. The website called is Ochre, which I have never heard in my life, but it’s just so fun and perfect for a spring to summer.

Not only does it have the sweetest gathered waistline, but there are POCKETS! And they fit my phone perfectly. Anything with pockets is a must-have!

You definitely need this jumpsuit – especially because it is ON SALE for under $20!

Thanks so much for reading friend! Hope you had a lovely weekend and best wishes for the new week!

Lots of love,


More You

“Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3)

Personally, I think this is the hardest verse in the Bible to obey. And I think our society could say the same thing. “Be you”, “Do you”, “Love yourself” – sayings like this surround us night and now. Of course I believe that self-love and self-care are very important, but I think that it’s time we take our life focus off ourselves, and pay more attention to those around us – like Jesus did.

I’ve found that constantly focusing on myself and fulfilling my own desires leaves me empty. Jesus knows that, and that is why He calls us to do something that leaves us alive and energized! Serve.

Serving doesn’t always have to mean doing huge projects like helping build someone’s house or opening a food kitchen. While big serving projects are wonderful, Serving can also be simply. It can be simply reminding ourselves throughout our day – more you.

So much focus is on me, my way, my life. If we simply turn our main focus off “me” and onto “you” it makes a world of difference. The little things don’t matter so much. Someone cuts you off in traffic? Instead of angrily asking how could they do that to ME? we could swith to thinking I wonder what would drive YOU to do that, YOU must be having a bad day. And then the focus is off us. The irritation melts away, and we have more empathy.

How I’ve started reminding myself to focus on others is writing this little mantra on my hand “More You”. Every time I look down and see if, I ask myself – how can I respond better, more focused on others? This has helped me so much over the past few days and I want to encourage to do the same!

Lifting our eyes off of “Me” and onto Jesus changes the way we think and live. “Me” is lost from sight as selfishness melts away into a selfless love for others.

Will you choose with me today to “value others above yourselves”? It will truly change your life.

Thanks so much for reading sweet friend – stay close to Jesus,

Lots of love,