Spring Speckled Jumpsuit

Hey y’all! Hope you have had a lovely weekend! Mine has been so relaxing. I spent yesterday with the fam listening to sermons, looking at flowers in town, and eating a delicious chocolate cake my sister made! Today we were gardening all morning (or what was left of it since I got up at 11 haha) in the glorious sunshine and took photos in the afternoon! Facetimed some sweet of friends this evening and got all caught up! It was the SWEETEST day!

SO excited about todays post – this jumpsuit is the cutest! I ordered at the beginning of April and finally got it the other day! Even cuter in person than online.

I love literally everything about this! I think the best part is the pattern – not quite polka-dots, so I call them speckles:)

Also, I’ve NEVER worn a jumpsuit before – kinda crazy! Now I am totally in love, I will definitely be adding some more to my wardrobe! Another part I love about this jumpsuit is the yellow/rust color. The website called is Ochre, which I have never heard in my life, but it’s just so fun and perfect for a spring to summer.

Not only does it have the sweetest gathered waistline, but there are POCKETS! And they fit my phone perfectly. Anything with pockets is a must-have!

You definitely need this jumpsuit – especially because it is ON SALE for under $20!

Thanks so much for reading friend! Hope you had a lovely weekend and best wishes for the new week!

Lots of love,


Introducing Wildflower Northern!

Hey you! Welcome back to the blog. I am so excited about today’s post! Introducing my new brand name WILDFLOWER NORTHERN.

My main goal here at Wildflower Northern is to spread the joy of Jesus around like wildfire! I can’t imagine what I’d do without His boundless joy – and I want you to experience it too!!

You cannot imagine the time I have spent trying to come up with a name for this blog… All my friends have even lost count of how many times I change the name, and I think maybe I have too haha! At last we have the perfect name!

I chose Wildflower Northern because it is so perfectly me. I’m from the Northern United States, and honestly I put that there becuase I think it sounds cool haha;) and I have a lifelong LOVE of wildflowers – they’re just so carefree and colorful, just like I try to be – so what could be better than to use these two parts of my life as the name? At last I’ve found it!

I wanted a name that could encompass any direction I wanted to take the blog. For now, I’m going for a faith and fashion platform, but who knows what the future holds – all I know is that I am beyond excited to be on this adventure and to have you along!!

I guarantee you fashion tips are coming your way SOON!

God has been working on my heart in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see where He brings me with blogging:)

Thanks so much for reading sweet friend! Do feel free to share my blog with anyone you know so they can follow along as well:) The more the merrier!

Lots of love,