Why Your Personal Style Needs to Match Your Personality

Okay, let’s talk about style for a moment here. I am not an uptight person. I’m all about living free, letting your hair fly out behind you – who cares if it looks like a disaster. I am not a preppy person, and I’m not exclusive a fan of minimalist style, I love a goodContinue reading “Why Your Personal Style Needs to Match Your Personality”

A Morning Berry Picking Trip

Blueberry picking is for sure a Michigan must-do. One morning last week, I took a trip to some fields not far from our house. To say the least, the fields were magical… In the morning mist, the frosty blue of the blueberries was breathtaking (not to mention delicious!) Lately, west Michigan weather has been unbearablyContinue reading “A Morning Berry Picking Trip”