BIRTHDAY POST// 18 Random Things About Me

I’m baaaaaack peoples!! That was the best summer of my life and now I’m finally settling back into school days! Wanted to celebrate my 18th birthday today by restarting the blog!! SO many exciting new ideas are coming soon! Here’s 18 random things you might find interesting about me πŸ™‚ My favorite color is pink,Continue reading “BIRTHDAY POST// 18 Random Things About Me”

Why Your Personal Style Needs to Match Your Personality

Okay, let’s talk about style for a moment here. I am not an uptight person. I’m all about living free, letting your hair fly out behind you – who cares if it looks like a disaster. I am not a preppy person, and I’m not exclusive a fan of minimalist style, I love a goodContinue reading “Why Your Personal Style Needs to Match Your Personality”

My FIRST YouTube Video // Spend the Day with Me in Quarantine!

Hey you, lovely you! Welcome to my blog:) Life has been so strange for me lately. Well, I think it has for all of us. All the motivation I ever had seems to be thrown at the window and I’m constantly confused as to what day it is and what I’m supposed to be doing.Continue reading “My FIRST YouTube Video // Spend the Day with Me in Quarantine!”