Why Your Personal Style Needs to Match Your Personality

Okay, let’s talk about style for a moment here. I am not an uptight person. I’m all about living free, letting your hair fly out behind you – who cares if it looks like a disaster.

I am not a preppy person, and I’m not exclusive a fan of minimalist style, I love a good California Boho look, but then sometimes I like to pull out my white sneakers and white jeans. I do not follow the rules for perfect etiquette. Sis, I SCREAM ALL THE TIME! I’m not a “crisp ironed shirt” sorta person!

Sure sometimes I’ll manage to keep my white pants white if I’m at church where everyone can inspect my manners haha, but I’ll wear my bright purple Fitbit band with my church outfit any day because I’m more worried about getting my 10,000 steps than looking picture perfect all the time.

I don’t wear dresses very often because I’m definitely one to do spontaneous cartwheels in the grocery store aisle. Oh yes, I’m very serious.

Don’t let the “look” you want take over what you wear! If you love it, WEAR it!! Create your own style with things you love, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, or how good anyone else looks.

When it really hit me was when I started not posting things to my Instagram because they didn’t match the aesthetic I was going for. If you’re a fellow blogger, you know what I mean…

Any who! What I’m getting at here is don’t let your desire to create something beautiful take over your life. Let yourself be the beautiful thing. Sure, everyone won’t like your personal style, but the important thing is to learn to rejoice in the beautiful person God has created you to be.

Don’t copy someone else -, don’t do what I did. Find the joy in your personal style, and let it reflect who you are.

So now I will step down off my soapbox – hope you were encouraged. This has been on my heart for a while! I’ll see you next time:)

Lots of love,


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