My 1950s Garden Party

Hello there friends! Welcome back to the blog – I’m so excited for today’s post! A few weeks ago my sweet friend Noel and I co-hosted a garden party themed from the 1950s. I’ve always loved poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and bright red lipstick so this day was a dream come true!

Wasn’t this just a perfect dress? I actually found it at a consignment shop a few years ago, and at least found an occasion to wear it! I think finding dressing up for this party was the best part. I was even more thrilled when EVERYONE who showed up was dressed in vintage attire! It made the party so special.

Please appreciate this fine chocolate artwork – it was not an easy feat to accomplish;)

I guess I’ll begin telling about the party with the delicious food we served. The night before, my friends and I were in the kitchen baking until well after midnight (pro tip: don’t practice swing dancing while you’re supposed to be decorating chocolate strawberries and watching your cake in the oven…) Despite our crazy time in the kitchen, the desserts turned out beautiful as you can see, thanks to Noel:)

This orange cake was the centerpiece of the food – isn’t it gorgeous?
Raspberry thumbprint cookies have always been a favorite of mine – they added a darling touch to the array of desserts.
We didn’t want to have just sweets, so we had some cheese and cucumber sandwiches as well.

Next, we headed outside to play lawn games. We played croquet and badminton for a few minutes, but unfortunately the day was so hot everyone wanted to go inside. So we had a swing dance lesson instead – and that was a blast! 1950s music is my favorite, if you’re looking for a great song, try this one… We used Spotify for our playlist and they have an amazing selection of old music!

For our decor, we wanted light, airy, and vintage, and I think our dollar store pompom garlands did the trick! 🙌🏻 Also, shoutout to my sister for letting us use her pennant banner – isn’t that fabric the cutest?

Despite the overwhelming heat and some slightly melted chocolates, the party went off without a hitch. Hope you find this helpful for hosting your own vintage party sometime – I’d recommend it for sure:)

Thanks so much for reading friend! I’ll see you on my next post.

Love from,


Don’t mess with these hostesses…

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